What you Should Ask your Beverage Distributor

The distribution process is essential to the success or your products in markets. It increases your market coverage at lesser costs. However, establishing a strong relationship with your distributor is the key to tap into these immense benefits of distribution.

Working out a strategy for your beverage distribution is one of the first things you do when you meet your distributor. To do this, you need to evaluate your chances by asking questions. The information you get will help you work out an effective strategy with commitment from both ends that would seal your success and help achieve your aims.

The following are a list of questions you should ask your beverage distributor:

1.  What do you find unique about our beverage product and our company?

The beverage distributor would have worked with different beverage products. An understanding of the uniqueness of your product, among other products, would make him see the need to patronize your brand.

This question would help you know what the distributor thinks of your product; if he is customer-oriented or just interested in his products and not your business needs.

2. What solutions are you providing, and how do you intend to incorporate it with our current solutions?

You need to understand what solutions he is proposing to help you achieve your stated aims and how he intends to apply it. Also, how he will integrate these solutions with the current methods you operate with.

3. What are your terms and conditions?

You should seek to understand what he requires, the modalities of his business relationships. Ask him for his price and every necessary information. If you think his prices are high, you may bargain for a lesser price. Meanwhile, this would help you identify a range of possibilities and price ranges that suit your budget.

4. Tell us about your past experiences and give references.

Ask for past experiences, former clients, who can shed more light on the nature of business relationships with the distributor. This information would help understand the nature of doing business with the distributor. Just a quick warning, you don’t ask for references until you are genuinely ready to commit with the distributor.

5. What information do you require from us?

There may be a need for specific information, probably contacts with some of your personnel. Ask ahead, so you can have control over what kind of information you are giving out.

6. What information would you relay back to us?

You need information on how your product performs in the market. Sales data are essential. You need to set things straight before entering into a partnership that is crucial to your success.

Asking the right questions is equivalent to getting the correct answers. If you develop a mutually beneficial relationship with a beverage distributor, you stand to gain higher rewards.