Best selling beverages in Convenience stores

More than 100 million Americans visit convenience stores for daily supplies. There are more than 150,000 convenience stores in the country. They are popular destinations for meeting our needs of gasoline, tobacco, beverages, snacks, and grocery. Convenience stores are known for speedy and immediate service. They are either together with gas stations or standalone stores.

Beverages are one of the most selling items in convenience stores. In 2018, it was reported that there was an increase of 15.2 percent in the sales of non-alcoholic beverages like carbonated soft drinks, water, sports drinks, and teas in convenience stores, compared to the previous year. Though, consumers are shifting towards healthier and premium-quality choices, beverage companies have continued to come with innovative products that attract customers’ interest.

Packaged beverages sold in convenience stores include beer, water, soft drinks, energy drinks, iced tea, juice, alcohol, sports drinks, and wine. Energy drink products top the list of the most sold beverages in a convenience store. Almost half of the total energy drink sales are made through convenience stores. Other members of the list include other drinks.

Sales of beer, tobacco, and alcoholic beverages have been observed to be declining in recent times. This has been attributed to consumer’s changing choices about their health. They are leaning towards healthier and functional non-alcoholic drinks. Although, there are regulations that bind the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages.

Consumers are buying premium beverage products even more than beer and soda. They are demanding products that provide more than just refreshment. Today, people seek drinks that contain vitamins, have unique tastes, provide a jolt of energy, and all-encompassing health benefits.

Although standard beverages still dominate the market, premium beverage offerings are also selling fast in convenience stores despite their relatively expensive prices.

Ready-to-drink beverages like tea and coffee have gained increasing popularity among customers of convenience stores. Many large beverage companies are offering different brands of cold brew coffee to the public. Cold brew coffee is a healthier and suitable alternative to soda. Its availability as a ready-to-drink beverage makes it a true convenience store product. Health-conscious consumers who want to try something new find the beverage as a delight.

For most consumers, purchases of beverages are impulse buys. GasBuddy reported that about 65 percent of participants of a survey say their drink purchases in convenience stores are usually not planned.

Best-selling beverage brands in convenience stores are Red Bull, Monster Energy, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Rockstar, Mountain Dew, LIFEWTR, VPX Bang, Starbucks, Buns, Reign, and NOS. These brands introduce and sell innovative products that satisfy the demand of consumers who want immediate satisfaction and refreshments with all-round health benefits.

Consumption of beverages is taking a new course. Beverage brands that continue to innovate and create products that satisfy the ever-changing consumer cravings and demand are positioning for themselves for increased dominance of the beverage industry.